The Walk Houston

Houston, TX

The Walk for Mental Health Awareness - Houston

The Walk for Mental Health Awareness - Houston is all about Changing Minds, Changing Lives in how everyone approaches Mental Illness/Neuropsychiatric Illness. We are a non-profit that is 100% volunteer based. We have raised a total of $195,000 since our beginning, distributing funds to Greater Houston area mental health non-profit agencies after event costs have been covered. 

The Walk for Mental Health Awareness – Houston is a community based event that helps raise awareness and funding for Greater Houston area non-profit agencies and programs that provide mental health services; creating an environment for our positive public dialogue.

Everyday living can feel like a death sentence for those suffering with a mental illness. The physical, mental and emotional suffering takes the joy out of life, and has the potential to have life-long problems if left untreated. There is help and there is hope, but you can only receive help by asking. The Walk for Mental Health Awareness–Houston is a celebration of the hope of life after mental illness and a call to action by people in our community.

There is no fundraising minimum to participate, and we encourage you to set a high goal, at least $500. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.  You will not be contacted if goal is not accomplished! All funds raised is appreciated and accepted! Go Team!

*All funds are directed to The Walk Houston and then 90% of funds raised are distributed to those walk agency teams selected by those fundraising.

Team Members

Name Goal Amount Raised
FRANCIE WEBB $100.00 $10.64
RICH ALBERTINI $100.00 $0.00
ELOY GARCIA $100.00 $0.00
TRINIDAD GARCIA $500.00 $0.00

Our Contributors

Christine Odusola $300.00
Leila Alfaro $750.00
Frances Webb $10.64