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Houston, TX


Team Hulk is a participating Special Walk Team with efforts of raising funds to support Lauren’s journey of connecting with her psychiatric service dog, Hulk. Hulk is currently being trained through Texas nonprofit Scout's Legacy Service Dogs in Dallas Texas. 

Our goal at Scout's Legacy is to bring independence back into a persons life with a dog who is trained to assist their specific disability. We cater each dog according to the disabilities each person has so they can have as much or as little help as they need. We strive for dogs who are trained in every aspect of obedience and expect well behaved dogs who do their jobs.

Lauren is 15 years old and has been diagnosed with High Functioning Autism, Severe Anxiety, PTSD, Clinical depression, ADD and OCD. She has a difficult time doing things in public due to HFA, panic attacks and social anxiety. The psychiatrist agreed that a psychiatric service dog would help Lauren get her life back. Recently she was able to visit with a few puppies in training with Scout’s Legacy Service Dogs and Lauren found her match. His name is Hulk. Lauren feels so confident that he will change her life. The donations from this walk will help pay for Hulk and his training. When he is fully trained he will be able to block people to getting too close, calm her down when he senses she is having a panic or anxiety attack and help her stay on track during school work. We are so blessed to be offered this amazing gift. 

Help us bring "HULK" home and thank you all for your generosity and support.

Team Members

Name Goal Amount Raised
suzanne salazar $0.00 $0.00
CORA ZIOMEK $500.00 $0.00

Our Contributors

Ingrid Wohleber $26.91
waldo miller $100.00
suzanne salazar $100.00
Donald Hackler $10.96
Leonard Gutierrez $53.51
Heidi Hazel $26.91
William (Jim) Jones $25.00
ernalee walker $53.51