The Walk Houston

Houston, TX

Ken Bielicki

I’ve been a board member for the Walk For Mental Health Awareness for about 5 years. This year we have walk teams that are raising funds to be evenly distributed to all the local non-profit mental health agencies participating in our event. I've created a Seniors walk team because I've become more & more aware of mental health issues experienced by those who are around my age and believe our advocacy should be represented. I would appreciate donations to support my fundraising effort.


My Contributors

Steve and Marcia Scherr $26.91
Anonymous $80.11
Akilah Bacy $10.00
Anonymous $100.00
Patrick Plant $25.00
Marlene Borruso $42.87
Denise Janowski $53.51
Adam Milasincic $50.00
James Cargas $60.00
Bob and Kathy Grundy $53.51
Kathy and Bob Grundy $53.51
Charlotte Donner $26.91
Charles and Laura Davis $26.91
Kenneth Bielicki $21.60